“The first impression is the best impression.” A good blog post intro will leave a lasting impression on your readers.

So while writing a blog post, it is essential that your intro is catchy and short. You can have great content, but a weak opening can discourage your clients from reading further. It’s also important to keep in mind using your SEO keywords throughout your content and especially in your intro.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to write strong intros for your blog post. Also, read on to learn some great tips on writing captivating and catchy introductions.

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What is a Blog Intro?

A blog intro is the opening paragraph of your blog post. It is the paragraph that is written right under your title or heading. Hence, it is basically the introduction to your blog.

The introduction is a crucial part of your blog because it is the first impression. Your intro will decide whether your readers will read through your blog or not. Besides, it will give your readers an idea of what your blog post is about. Thus, the introduction is the window to your blog.

What are the components of a blog intro?

While writing a blog intro, there are no specific rules, and the components may differ from one writer to another. For example, some writers prefer to start with questions, while some start with a quote.

However, to write a good blog intro, you need to include some specific elements in your introduction. Besides, most bloggers or content writers prefer to include three primary components in their introduction. They are hook, transition, and thesis.


The hook is the first part of your introduction. It is the first thing your readers see while visiting your blog. Your hook can be a question, quote, a statement, or you can even include images.

However, you need to make sure that it is simple, catchy, and brief. In other words, your hook should hook the attention of your readers.


Another important element of blog intro is the transition. It is the link between your hook and your content/body. In your transition, you can include sentences that will lead your readers on. It should connect your introduction with the body of your blog.

Moreover, the transition should include sentences that justify your heading.


The thesis in an introduction should summarize your content. It is a vital element of blog intro because it will be the decision-making point for your readers. After reading your thesis, your readers will decide whether they should read on or skip your content.

Thus, your thesis should be straight to the point. Also, it should supplement the transition in leading your readers to the body of the blog.

In addition, if your blog post does not contain a Meta description, Google will use your intro as a Meta description. Therefore, a great intro will effectively help your blog gain more visitors.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind if you want to write an excellent blog intro.

Start with questions or a quote.

It’s a great choice to start your blog intro with questions or a quote. Adding questions can keep your readers intrigued and interested. It will make them wonder about the answers. Hence, they will read further to know more about the answers.

Also, starting with a quote is an excellent way to make your introduction enjoyable. A great quote can have a considerable impact on your blog. You can efficiently deliver your content using a short phrase instead of writing a long paragraph.

Moreover, your readers are likely to trust your content when you include quotations from famous people.

Keep it short and precise.

People tend to skim through your content in today’s era instead of reading it slowly and carefully. So, it is essential that you keep your blog, especially your intro, simple, short, and clear.

Nowadays, people hardly have time to read blogs and articles. So, if you write a long intro, they will get bored and annoyed. Also, your language should be simple and easy to understand.

Besides, make sure that your intro clearly describes the idea of your content. The readers visiting your site are looking for something. Hence, your introduction should scream to them that this is the right blog.

Start with a controversial statement.

By opening your blog post with a controversial topic or a statement, you can grab your reader’s attention. In addition, a controversial statement will awaken the curiosity of your readers. This way, you can lead them to your main content without trying too hard.

However, a controversial statement can also negatively impact your blog. So, remember never to cross the line with controversy. Make sure you don’t offend or hurt your readers with any controversial topic.

Also, make clarifications, explanations, or reasonable justification to the controversy in the latter part of your content.

Keep it interactive

Interaction is the key to win the trust and loyalty of your readers. So, when writing the blog intro or any part of the content, write like you are conversing with them.

Keeping your tone interactive makes the readers more involved in the idea or content you are sharing. Also, you can add facts in your interaction because people tend to trust facts and statistics more than a mere statements.

Open your blog with a story.

Compelling storytelling can win the hearts of millions. It is no doubt that stories provoke thoughts, trigger discussions, and evoke emotions. With a memorable story in your intro, you can compel your readers to read further into the content.

With a good story, you can create a lasting impact on your readers. It doesn’t matter what the story is about; it should make an impact. Moreover, the story should have connections with your title or content.

To sum up, writing a good blog intro is essential to attract readers to your blog. So, if you want to grab your readers’ attention with a great introduction, follow the tips given above.  Also, know that “Rome was not built in a day.”  Therefore, you need to practice again and again to excel in it.

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